The Mississauga Massacre

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The Mississauga Massacre

Post  skullface44 on Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:25 am

Location: Erindale Park 1695 Dundas St W Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6 Canada

When: August 15th, I will be at the park at 9:30AM to set up but the war starts at 10:00 AM.

What to bring:
- One or more good primary blasters as well as a secondary blaster. If your blaster brakes I will most likely be able let you use one of mine
- A springer pistol for pistol rounds
- As many darts as you see fit, I am bringing 500 for my self as well as what ever is in my dart bin for anyone that did not bring enough darts
- Water, there will not be any places to get water close to the field so please bring your own. I will be bringing a cooler with a case of water in it for my self and any idiots that forget to bring some
- A good mood, no one wants to war with a jerk. If you are causing problems with other players I will ask you to leave
- Bring a lunch, there will not be anywhere to go eat that is close by. The park has a few BBQs, if one is available I would pitch on a box of burgers or something if anyone else wants any
- Eye protection. Your eyes are pretty much the only part of your body that can be seriously hurt by a nerf dart, I really would like to see everyone with some kind of eye protection but I wont make you if you don't want to.

What not to bring:
- Water guns
- Alcohol or drugs, I would be the first to want to go get a beer with everyone (that is legal) after the war but the park is not place for that. We will get kicked out if people see that.
- Homemade airguns
- singled titans

Blaster restrictions:
- This will mostly be done on a case by case basis, if you are not sure about a blaster show it to me.If you would not want to be shot with your own blaster there is a good chance no one else wants to be shot with it either.

- #6 or #8 slugs as well as 3/0 or lighter glue domes will be aloud. If your darts are made so poorly that they are unsafe I will not let you use them, you are more then welcome to use some of mine though.
- No exposed metal or slingshot weighted darts
- Silicone domes and x darts are fine too

Who will be there:
- Me + 2-4
- Condorboy +4
- The2ndbluesbrother


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