The General New Member Guide - Read This Before Posting

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The General New Member Guide - Read This Before Posting

Post  Nine on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:11 pm

Ground Rules:

Think Before You Post.

Don't post unless you have something to say.

Stay on topic.

Try to use proper spelling and grammar, including the correct use of capitalization and punctuation.

Don't double-post - use the edit button.

Creation of multiple accounts will result in deletion of all accounts.

Unacceptable Post Content:

Pr0n links or images.

Spam or self advertising.

Image-macros or memes.


Your Posting Privileges:

If you break any of the above rules, you will be aptly warned so that you may correct your mistakes.  If you are a total jerk, with absolutely no positive input for the community, you can expect to be banned and to have your account terminated.  If you repeatedly troll or spam on this forum you will meet the same fate.  Try not to let this stop you from posting though.  
This is a growing community and so the involvement of new members is paramount.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What is Modding, and why should I mod my Nerf guns?
Modding is the process of making your Nerf gun better. Mods usually consist of a barrel replacement, plugging the overpressure release valve (in pump guns), and replacing springs (in cocking guns). Modding Nerf guns drastically increases the performance of the gun itself, increasing the range anywhere from 2-20 times the original range of the gun.

What’s the Best Gun?
There is NO such thing as the “Best Gun”.  Some guns are considered better than others of course, but the player using the blaster is far more important in game than the quality of their weapon of choice.  Just remember that it doesn't matter how far your blaster shoots or how straight, if your aim is terrible you aren't going to be hitting much.

What are Stefans?
Stefans are homemade darts. They are made using foam backing rod (FBR) that can be found at most local hardware stores, weight (everything from tacks, steel shot, and bb’s), and a dome of hot glue. Well-made stefans, when coupled with the correct barrel, will put any stock dart to shame in terms of performance.

What gun should I buy first?
The answer to this is constantly changing, as different people have different blasters available to them.  Right now, the elite Strongarm and Stryfe are popular choices.  Review videos on YouTube can be very useful in making this decision for yourself

What are Integrations?
Integrations are when the innards of one gun are placed into the shell and innards of another gun. Integrations offer the chance for a gun’s weakness to be compensated for through the addition of another weapon. For example, single barreled blasters often have better range with poor rate of fire.  You can integrate a Strongarm into it in order to give a higher rate of fire backup shot.

To conclude, this forum is a place for Canadian modders to learn from each other and share their awesome creations.  If you exercise a reasonable amount of self control and refrain from being an absolute douche, you should be fine here.  Enjoy your stay, and post lots of cool stuff!

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